Well, here I am. 40 years into this existence and I’m finally awake. I mean really, awake. Or perhaps, aware – as this domain suggests.

No. This domain assumes the journey is continuing. And it is. Am I at the start? Irrelevant. Am I at the mid-point? Again irrelevant. The important thing is that I am on the journey. And it’s fair to say that you too are somewhere on the path if you’ve taken the time read this.

Where we are at is not important to anyone but ourselves. It is not a competition but there is a prize. And the prize is freedom. Freedom from fear; from hatred; from pain; and from illusion. We gain an immeasurable gift from the awakening process and that is unconditional love and happiness.

I have started this blog to share with you bits of my personal awakening process, things I have learned and mistakes I have made, in a hope that some of it will either inspire you or aid you in your own journey. Comments are always welcome because I believe I will learn from you as much as you will learn from me.

So, as stated in my opening line, I am 40 years young. After having worked a fly-in fly-out job for 16 months, very hard with a young family, I was given a blessing of an early release from the project and headed straight home to be with my family. Fast forward 6 months and here I am typing on a keyboard. In those 6 months I have been predominantly unemployed which provided me with a unique opportunity to spend a lot of quality time with the family and also take stock of my life.

I have always had a different view on the world than most people. My friends would testify that I’m a little quirky, or weird, or whatever. But I’ve just always been open to other possibilities. So when I had this working hiatus, I started to explore some of these things again, with more focus, and the results have been nothing short of amazing.

So, my first piece of advice is learn to stay positive. I watched the following YouTube clip and followed the instructions therein. Amazing. You cannot under estimate how good this process makes you feel. And feeling good is the best start to your journey and a perfect refresher if you’re already on yours:


The value of a positive outlook and demeanour cannot be understated. I am already witness to the benefits. As is my beautiful wife who has put up with a moody Trev for the past 11 years.

So go forth and positively prosper.

Peace and love,


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4 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Thought about just leaving a comment of “brilliant”, but it wasn’t…..it was – inspiring and emotional, a depth to dive for, a moment in life to STOP, breathe and……move, the direction is your choice, you have the power to move forward in the positive or the negative, ohhh the mind so powerful. Not sure if I am reflecting your words here Trev, or my own, either way…. you have given me an opening to walk through

  2. Thanks again M and for a number of reasons. Remember, while I have been on this path for some time, you are one of the individuals who have inspired me to resume the journey. Without your can do attitude that I absorbed, this process and subsequent blog, may have taken a lot longer.

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the others , I love to read but not a writer. Life is balance, and it’s indeed ME time is important for everyone in order to repair our soul and our instrument ( body)
    I found you via FaceBook and I will continue read your blog from time to time .
    Thank you and wish you and your family well .

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