No Facebook November Update

As you would expect, December is a rather hectic month. As such, I’ve not found the time to blog on my No Facebook November experience. Until now.

As mentioned in my last blog, I didn’t really miss it. Now that I’m back on the wagon, so to speak, I find now that I’m less tolerant of it. More specifically, the crap that is on there.

That said, I’m getting quite good at flicking through the pages of crap and using my intuition to stop when there is something worthwhile reading or sharing.

One of the things of most note for me during my Facebook abstinence, was the lack of my personal focus and attention on the dark “happenings” in the world by the puppet masters. And while in many respects this is a good thing, on one hand, it lowered my awareness of the Divinely opposing force – mainly because my focus was centred around what I had in front of me. I still meditated and cleared negative energy from self and home but it wasn’t as frequently required (or perhaps remembered as a necessity).

So upon my return to anti-social media, I see that the fear propaganda machine keeps trucking along, mainstream media is still only covering what they’re told to cover and in what way, and governments are pushing the envelope on what the general populace is willing to put up with.

But also, I have noticed an increase in positivity and tolerance around the world. Humans of New York on FB is doing an inspiring job of sharing stories of refugees from war torn countries that is contradicting the diatribe spewed out by the media. Anonymous (and various subgroups thereof) are doing a great job of filtering out the truth from the mainstream stories showing an agenda that is growing weak and tired.

More and more people are awakening. It is a truly wonderful time to be alive.

Peace and love,


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