5d Reality

It goes without saying that it’s been a long time between blogs. My intent has not waned but finding the time and the words is what has held me back. So, I unreservedly apologise – particularly if you’ve been periodically checking for updates over the past 6 months.

Yes, it’s been that long.

The time factor has been merely due to raising three children (not alone), finding some regular income providers and trying to live a sustainable lifestyle that includes making most things from scratch.

On the “words” front, there are a lot of things going through my mind which is not unusual, but most of them have been difficult to articulate.  This is my attempt to have a crack at releasing them.

5th Dimensional Reality

I feel we are most of the way through the “awakening” that this blog has been dedicated to. With that said, there are still a ways to go to assimilate into the new dimensional reality that is available to us.

That dimensional reality is what is referred to as 5d, or 5th dimensional reality. As spiritual individuals, we have the opportunity to move into that reality and a lot of us have already chosen it or are on the verge of “clicking” over, as it were. I feel as though I’m in the latter.

For me, the 5d reality is about thought processes. For me to click over fully to 5d reality I need to resolve some pre-programmed instincts that were passed on during my early years. Just today I acknowledged and am working through anxiety associated with running late. Trying to get kids ready for school and kindergarten after I inadvertently slept in. I was successful in remaining calm and focused right up until the last task – getting my son to kindergarten. Without going into specifics my rushed actions ended in my son throwing an almighty tantrum.

So, as each day passes, I’m looking for opportunities to better myself. Trying to read my reactions to situations and change the way I behave to be more in line with the Divine knowledge we all have at our disposal.

Sign of the Times

The upheaval worldwide that we are witnessing is by all means planned and orchestrated by the darkness that controls the 3rd dimensional reality.  We are seeing more and more atrocities which are being rammed down our throats by mainstream media for the sole purpose of maintaining a state of fear.

Fear, sadness, despondency – these are all 3rd dimensional states of being. There are others as well but these are the forms used most frequently. My move over to 5d has been helped a lot by avoiding mainstream media. Moreover, when I hear about these atrocities third hand and knowing about the agenda at play, I avoid the almost automatic emotions that would keep me in 3d. Instead I acknowledge the big picture – we are all eternal souls in time limited physical bodies.

Where to from here???

That’s the million dollar question. I know that the global awakening is happening but of the 7 billion souls currently living on this planet, how many are making the switch? And what happens if say, only 20% make the transition?

And will there be a successful scourge of the darkness? Will the Light reign supreme this time around?

Round and Round

I’ve noticed an increase recently of newly discovered civilisations and artefacts. The Easter Island monoliths have been partially excavated and show that the part showing above ground is around half of the overall statue. New cities have been discovered under jungles using radar detection.

What this tells me is that there have been more large civilisations than our history tells us, that have prospered only to fall at some point in our past. I would not be surprised to learn that their rise and fall coincided with the galactic calendar of events such that we are experiencing now.

Does that mean our civilisation is destined to be destroyed? To some degree I think it’s inevitable. But not to be feared. After all, death is merely waking from the dream. Irrespective of this, my intention is to ensure I continue progressing into 5d reality, finding likeminded people and enjoying life.

And blogging more regularly…

Peace and love,


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