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15 thoughts on “Contact Trev”

  1. Hi Trevor,

    I hope and trust you’ve been having an enjoyable weekend so far.

    I wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to gain insight into the journey you are embarking on. Navigating your way through this personal expedition, I wish you well and hope you find peace and comfort in the unknown, the truths, further awakenings and opportunities before you.

    “The more you learn, the less you know” as the saying goes. Take it in your stride and enjoy!

    All the best and thanks again,


    1. Hi Maria,

      I’m not familiar with Kryon but have just looked into a small fragment of Dr. Lee Carroll’s writing from his channeling. What Lee channels differs from some of my understanding but that doesn’t mean it’s inaccurate. That said, irrespective of where the information comes from, provided it’s from a benevolent perspective, if it feels right, it is. The fact remains that we are experiencing a MASSIVE shift in cosmic energy and we are all faced with the choice to ascend or to not. I know what I’ve chosen and I suspect if you’re visiting my page, you’ve made the same choice.

      There is certainly some form of malevolent force attempting to stifle said ascension. It’s not hard to see it’s existence but it’s easy to starve it (them?). Live with love and light.


  3. Hi Trev, I just came across your site, “Does everything feel different to you”, through the spirit science FB page and it is so true. I have been reading a few of your blogs and can understand what you mean by people needing to “wake up” in their own time. Our stories sound very familiar as I too have been working FIFO in the Pilbara in Western Australia for the past the years trying to become mortgage free, which didn’t happen, at the expense of my family too. I missed the first three years of our youngest daughter growing up and taking her first steps. I became redundant last October and was stressed that I couldn’t get back in elsewhere as the boom is pretty much over in WA. I had just turned 40 and didn’t really know what I actually wanted to do but I wanted to help people with the amount of disheartened souls out there struggling to get by with being walked all over by the greedy in this world. So anyway after being unemployed for 8 months I found what I wanted to do which is kinesiology and therapeutic massage, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the course, even though we’re barely getting by financially I couldn’t be happier knowing that in the end I’ll be helping people with a holistic healing approach instead of getting more pills from big Pharma and masking their problems. Everything you talked about is happening to me in a big way and since persuing my goal and being grateful for everything in our lives, everything is just lining up beautifully and doors of opportunity are opening up so fast that I barely have time to sit down and relax. (That’s why I’m writing this at 1am) Anyway what you are doing is fantastic and it is amazing to see how many people are awakening and open to such great discussion. Hope all goes well with your move to the country with your family, you just can’t beat country living!

    1. G’day. Your story sounds very familiar. Kinesiology is something I hope to do in the future (I nearly did a Cert IV a few years back but couldn’t get the $$ together – everything happens for a reason). Great to hear another story of awakening, it truly is inspirational. And yes, can’t wait to get to the country – house is on the market now. 🙂 Divine Order to you and yours.

  4. Hi. Good Morning or Evening depending on when you see this. I just would like to take the time to say thank you for your time energy and effort into this subject.Your writings have impact amd power..because they can resonate with those of us who are more lets say “Out of the box thinkers” lol. But thank you keep up the excellent work. Continue. We need you.

  5. Five signs you have mentioned about awareness changing really amazed me. All five signs and more are really manfisted in me. I thought your writing is as if I wrote my feeling.
    From Ethiopia.

  6. Dear Trev,
    When reading your post on Facebook, I almost felt you were describing me!!! It was truly bizarre. I feel very grounded when I read such posts as sometimes I think some of my surroundings think my brain is starting to bubble!! Therefore, knowing I am not alone, gives me hope.

    Thank u.
    Bless. Love
    Yaprak Ceyhan

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