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Playing the game

I know, I know. You would all be forgiven for thinking that I’d fallen off the face of the earth. It’s been many a month since I’ve felt the drive to share my progress. Suffice to say, now is the time.

I feel I’ve turned a corner regarding my journey. A good friend of mine put me onto an awesome book and I can honestly say that it has been the catalyst for the turning of said corner. Which book, you ask? Well it’s titled “A Course in Miracles” which is published by the Foundation for Inner Peace.

If you’re inspired to look into reading this for yourself, there is an interesting history of its origins which date back to the 1960’s.

The most inspiring thing the text has taught me is about the separation. The separation of ourselves and our Creator (Diving Consciousness, aka God). Moreover, it has awakened me to learn to listen to my Higher Self over my ego. This has been most liberating.

The book also highlights that the physical world is not real. “Real”, is the spiritual world. Reading further into it, there are subtle hints that a Matrix like reality is what the human race is enslaved into, with the only escape via understanding and accepting total Love.

The book has a religious flavour that I initially had difficulty digesting. But once I moved past my inherited bigotry and acknowledged that Jesus Christ did in fact walk this Earth (given the number of religions that reference his coming and going), I found it on point and informative.

Most importantly, I have learned that my ego is not my friend. It is in the interest of my ego to remain asleep and as such, it will find ways to distract from my spiritual purpose. So, now I pull myself up when I feel ego taking over and instead listen to my Higher Self for advice.

There are many quotes throughout the book, sometimes it can be hard reading, but one of my recent favourites is “To Have, Give All to All”.

Peace and love,


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5d Reality

It goes without saying that it’s been a long time between blogs. My intent has not waned but finding the time and the words is what has held me back. So, I unreservedly apologise – particularly if you’ve been periodically checking for updates over the past 6 months.

Yes, it’s been that long.

The time factor has been merely due to raising three children (not alone), finding some regular income providers and trying to live a sustainable lifestyle that includes making most things from scratch.

On the “words” front, there are a lot of things going through my mind which is not unusual, but most of them have been difficult to articulate.  This is my attempt to have a crack at releasing them.

5th Dimensional Reality

I feel we are most of the way through the “awakening” that this blog has been dedicated to. With that said, there are still a ways to go to assimilate into the new dimensional reality that is available to us.

That dimensional reality is what is referred to as 5d, or 5th dimensional reality. As spiritual individuals, we have the opportunity to move into that reality and a lot of us have already chosen it or are on the verge of “clicking” over, as it were. I feel as though I’m in the latter.

For me, the 5d reality is about thought processes. For me to click over fully to 5d reality I need to resolve some pre-programmed instincts that were passed on during my early years. Just today I acknowledged and am working through anxiety associated with running late. Trying to get kids ready for school and kindergarten after I inadvertently slept in. I was successful in remaining calm and focused right up until the last task – getting my son to kindergarten. Without going into specifics my rushed actions ended in my son throwing an almighty tantrum.

So, as each day passes, I’m looking for opportunities to better myself. Trying to read my reactions to situations and change the way I behave to be more in line with the Divine knowledge we all have at our disposal.

Sign of the Times

The upheaval worldwide that we are witnessing is by all means planned and orchestrated by the darkness that controls the 3rd dimensional reality.  We are seeing more and more atrocities which are being rammed down our throats by mainstream media for the sole purpose of maintaining a state of fear.

Fear, sadness, despondency – these are all 3rd dimensional states of being. There are others as well but these are the forms used most frequently. My move over to 5d has been helped a lot by avoiding mainstream media. Moreover, when I hear about these atrocities third hand and knowing about the agenda at play, I avoid the almost automatic emotions that would keep me in 3d. Instead I acknowledge the big picture – we are all eternal souls in time limited physical bodies.

Where to from here???

That’s the million dollar question. I know that the global awakening is happening but of the 7 billion souls currently living on this planet, how many are making the switch? And what happens if say, only 20% make the transition?

And will there be a successful scourge of the darkness? Will the Light reign supreme this time around?

Round and Round

I’ve noticed an increase recently of newly discovered civilisations and artefacts. The Easter Island monoliths have been partially excavated and show that the part showing above ground is around half of the overall statue. New cities have been discovered under jungles using radar detection.

What this tells me is that there have been more large civilisations than our history tells us, that have prospered only to fall at some point in our past. I would not be surprised to learn that their rise and fall coincided with the galactic calendar of events such that we are experiencing now.

Does that mean our civilisation is destined to be destroyed? To some degree I think it’s inevitable. But not to be feared. After all, death is merely waking from the dream. Irrespective of this, my intention is to ensure I continue progressing into 5d reality, finding likeminded people and enjoying life.

And blogging more regularly…

Peace and love,


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Staying the path

With everything that is happening on this planet at present, it is becoming harder and harder to stay on the path. There is an enormous amount of Light streaming onto us, as has been on and off for several years now, but at present it is in significantly larger quantities. And I believe, it is for this reason we are seeing an escalation in war propaganda, both in actuality and in media manipulation. These conflicting paradigms are the reason the path is hard to stay on.

It appears to me that the ultimate lie we are currently being fed is that the US and allies are trying to stamp out an insurgent terrorist regime, all the while via devious means arming said regimes with weapons and infrastructure. The innocent victims of this are the thousands of refugees yet the media will not cover the true picture. Which begs the question: Who is benefiting from this and why do they have so much power?

Conspiracy theorists will point the finger at the Illuminati, or just the Rothschilds, or perhaps Isreal, maybe even zionists. I know this, because as a general rule, I’m one of them. But I’m getting the feeling that they are ALL part of it. And there’s maybe more.

As discussed in earlier blogs, there is a darkness, that is non physical, that is the ultimate beneficiary of war, famine, discord, etc. The above mentioned parties are merely pawns serving this greater power. But I truly believe that in the battle for supremacy of Light vs dark, Light will stand victorious.

But for all the manufactured war, there is a true awakening happening worldwide. You don’t have to look far to see the truth of it. More and more people are waking up to the propoganda, showing compassion for one another and standing up for what is right.

It stands to reason then, that the dark forces are getting desperate. They are clutching at straws to arrest the advancement of the awakening populace. Maybe they’ll get so desperate they’ll play all their cards in quick succession. Or maybe they’ll give up. I hope it’s the latter.

In any case, never has there been a more significant reason to stay the path.

Peace and love,


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No Facebook November Update

As you would expect, December is a rather hectic month. As such, I’ve not found the time to blog on my No Facebook November experience. Until now.

As mentioned in my last blog, I didn’t really miss it. Now that I’m back on the wagon, so to speak, I find now that I’m less tolerant of it. More specifically, the crap that is on there.

That said, I’m getting quite good at flicking through the pages of crap and using my intuition to stop when there is something worthwhile reading or sharing.

One of the things of most note for me during my Facebook abstinence, was the lack of my personal focus and attention on the dark “happenings” in the world by the puppet masters. And while in many respects this is a good thing, on one hand, it lowered my awareness of the Divinely opposing force – mainly because my focus was centred around what I had in front of me. I still meditated and cleared negative energy from self and home but it wasn’t as frequently required (or perhaps remembered as a necessity).

So upon my return to anti-social media, I see that the fear propaganda machine keeps trucking along, mainstream media is still only covering what they’re told to cover and in what way, and governments are pushing the envelope on what the general populace is willing to put up with.

But also, I have noticed an increase in positivity and tolerance around the world. Humans of New York on FB is doing an inspiring job of sharing stories of refugees from war torn countries that is contradicting the diatribe spewed out by the media. Anonymous (and various subgroups thereof) are doing a great job of filtering out the truth from the mainstream stories showing an agenda that is growing weak and tired.

More and more people are awakening. It is a truly wonderful time to be alive.

Peace and love,


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No Facebook November

Well it’s the almost half way mark of my experiment with No Facebook November and I think I’ve already made a conclusion.

Fundamentally, what it comes down to is a question of “what am I missing” and “what am I gaining”? Thus far, the answer to the first question is basically “nothing”. The occasional inspirational meme; the odd birthday here or there (doesn’t mean I don’t love you if I missed it, soz though); a bit of a giggle at something funny; someone’s founded or unfounded conspiracy theory. That’s about it.

But what have I gained?

Time. More attention to my family. A reduction in my list of things that need doing. A real focus of living in the moment. Actual conversations with those I love and care about.

Not only that, but the “downtime” period of my evenings is spent reflecting or reading articles that interest me. So I’m learning stuff too. And that can only be a good thing.

Oh, and I obviously have time to blog too….

So that begs the next question. Where to from here? Well, after I’ve seen out the month, I will report my findings (doesn’t that sound formal?). Then I think I will limit myself to a once a week visit. I’ll pick a night to flick through the countless notifications, wish a few people happy birthday, and share some inspirational wisdom (if I find it).

It is here that I will digress slightly. On the subject of notifications, I was interested to see that after about 7 days of inactivity, the notifications changed. On my iPad, two separate notifications came up. One stated that I had around 15 notifications, the other stated that I had “two close friend updates”. This was the first time I’d seen the second notification format. It was almost like Facebook was nudging me to get back on it. “Hey look here, you’re missing some information. Best you get back on immediately!”

Surely Facebook’s algorithms aren’t scripted to ensure user activity. What could possibly come from a population that is constantly distracted?

Oh wait…..

Pace and love,


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The Great Invocation

Greetings beautiful friends. It has been some time since my last post, mainly due to the fact that I’ve moved house over the past 8 weeks. It has been a whirlwind of activity but I’m happy to say that the outcome has been nothing short of joyous.

We have completely eradicated our debt – a 12 month process – and we’re much better for it, mentally and obviously financially. We no longer have a McMansion and accompanying mortgage. In fact, we have gone to the other end of the scale, and more in line with our philosophies, into a small mud brick home on 8 acres.

Each and every day I am grateful for the change. We are surrounded by native wildlife, have amazing views and spectacular sunsets. Our children are happier and we are much less stressed. About everything.

That said, moving into an old mud brick home bought about a new understanding in energy. My spiritual friend Christopher gave me some direction to clearing negative energies from the space in which I am now living and the results have been fantastic.

This is how I did it:

Opening my Heart Chakra and Crown Chakra, with a smudge stick (Sage), in each room I spoke these words:

“May this place and space be blessed with good health and happiness, abundance and prosperity, great joy, Divine bliss, unity consciousness, Divine purpose, will and way.”

The following day (evening), I did this:

Palms facing out, I read out The Great Invocation (see below). I envisaged my Merkabah star in the centre of the home and then a pillar of light coming down through the Merkabah to the centre of the Earth. I read out the Great Invocation again and then envisaged the pillar expanding to cover whole house and property. I then intended to generate a transit gate, outside of the property, for the purpose of extracting the negative energies back to Source. On the third time reciting The Great Invocation, I envisaged the pillar of light rotating counter clockwise and recited:

“May this space be completely cleansed and purified from all negative thought, negative vibrations, negative programs, negative contaminations, negative psychic intrusions, negative elementals and any disincarnate beings. With the help of the Divine may this cleansing extend through all time and space.”

It is important to do this with intent and with an open Heart Chakra and Crown Chakra. I will do this a few times this week and then weekly thereafter.

Initially, I found The Great Invocation hard to digest. I guess I balked at the reference to Christ, jumping to the conclusion that the invocation had religious connotations. I then realised there is sufficient evidence that a highly enlightened individual commonly referred to as Christ did live in this existence at some point. From what I understand, he was a pretty switched on guy. And I think this world could use his skills again!! 🙂

Anyway, here is The Great Invocation:

“From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ return to Earth.

From the centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men –
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power
Restore the Plan on Earth.”

Peace and love,


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War on Consciousness

I’ve read about the “war on consciousness” but it’s only now that I think I really understand what it means. I read this article and it really resonated with me.

So the war on consciousness is not only being played out by malevolent forces but also by so called benevolent forces, albeit for the “greater good”. Our consciousness is a source of nourishment for both dark and light energies. We know what the dark energies want so there’s no need to go over that shite, but what about the light energies?


The light energies being referred to get their nourishment from worship and for that reason alone, these energies aren’t likely to want the status quo to change. And most religions promote it. Worship is a form of power and highly sought after.

I’m not saying it is right or wrong, it just is. And while it continues, any assistance one might expect from a being of light is seldom forthcoming, for to provide assistance is to reduce the necessity of the being in question.

War, wo, wo, wo, what is it good for?

So the war is about a constant struggle between light and dark energies vying for our attention. And generally speaking, we get sucked in to it. We watch the news and are appalled at what we see – the dark energies perk up. We watch the heart warming story of a philanthropic somebody giving of themselves generously to those in need – the light energies perk up. Back and forth, back and forth.

Divinely Connected

So now, when I recite my Return of Rightful Ownership, I direct it at both light and dark energies. I acknowledge that I am Divinely Connected, as are the energies (both light and dark) that I refer to. So to that end, that is where my consciousness is directed.

And coming out of this realisation, I looked at the shielding I do on a daily basis. The 12D shield and the new “house and inhabitants” shield I do, used to be envisaging a “platinum white light” as the basis for the shield. If I am acknowledging my Divine connectivity, which I have always interpreted as a pure golden light, why use platinum white light?

I now use pure golden light created with a golden Merkabah star. And strangely enough, the shield seems stronger, more impenetrable. Is there something in this?

All I know is that I am much more at peace using the above and paying real attention to my Divine connection.

Peace and love,


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Raising my vibration

Like most people, if not all, the cosmic challenges of the past few months have hit me hard. I have been thrown challenge after challenge, some minor, some major, and I have met some with eloquence and some with less than desirable responses.

To clarify, my “less than desirable responses” haven’t been anything overly dark, but they’ve been something to reflect on and have been necessary to reach the levels I’m now experiencing. In short, my responses that I’m not proud of have generally been lower vibration responses such as anger, worry, fear, etc.

Time to Rise Up

The latest cosmic burst has been enlightening to say the least. In a moment of clarity, when presented with a challenging situation, instead of “reacting” like I’ve done in the past, I decided to raise my vibration.

It is such a simple thing to do but it is extremely effective. I associate vibrations with my chakras; the lowest chakra vibrates at a lower rate to the highest chakra. So when I envisage raising my vibration, the feeling is associated with the third eye and crown chakras. Mentally, pressure is eradicated and I respond in line with my true higher self – with aplomb.

I also suspect that when people talk about moving into fourth and fifth dimensional realms, raising one’s vibration is the starting point.

Chakra activation

I don’t know if the ability to raise my vibration is related to the act of harmonising and activating my chakras, which I do daily via my 12D shielding and weekly through focused meditation, but the results are noticeable.

And I think my main antagonists, my children, would attest to the changes within me. I am much calmer in the face of tantrums and outbursts. Discipline is still warranted from time to time, generally by way of “time outs” or missing out on something they cherish, but it done in a calm and controlled manner. Moreover, it is consistent.

An added mantra

So my new mantra is “Raise your vibration”. If I sense a thought or feeling that is of a lower vibration, I use this as a reminder to myself.

Have a go yourself if you feel so guided.

Peace and love,


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It has been a while between blogs, and while the main reason for my departure was for self reflection, I have found that blogging helps me, more so than not, to reflect. So I have decided to add blogs as I feel guided.

I have had quite a lot on recently which has affected my ability to find quiet time and I have greatly missed it. I keep getting up at 5.30 (ish) to meditate but have found myself falling asleep sitting up as I struggle to physically deal with everything that has been happening. I am hopeful that the end of my struggles is near – I can certainly see the light at the end of the tunnel.

In a nutshell, our house is officially on the market and once sold, we are making a beeline for the country. The processes we have gone through to get to where we are, are nothing short of exhausting, both mentally and physically.

Cosmic changes

The cosmic changes that I have previously described are still happening. The “powers that be” are still frantically trying to suppress the cosmic influences, keeping the population in a dumbed down state through fear and propaganda, and to a degree, they appear to be winning. That’s what the media will portray anyway.

But in speaking with many individuals from all different backgrounds, it is clear to me that the tide is turning. Previously seemingly asleep sheeple are now connecting the dots, realising that our governments (read corporate back scratchers) are not for the people, unless “the people” consists of the 1%.

Where’s the straw?

So where is the straw that will break the camel’s back? What will it take to bring about positive change?

Quite frankly, it will take the 99% to show the 1% we’ve had enough. Had enough of being misrepresented; of treating mother earth like She is scum; treating other human beings like lesser individuals; treating animals like they’re not conscious beings; etc, etc.

I have been lingering on this for some time, trying to come up with an answer as to how the 99% can bring about real change. I’ve seen countless petitions for this and for that and I’ve signed a lot of them myself. But I feel they are losing their voice, such is the over use of them in past 12-18 months. I’ve seen peaceful protests turn violent by both the trigger happy police and the small minority of bad eggs (plants) that provoke them. The latter just plays into their hands because the media will not cover the protest content, only the violent reactions.

People Power

Realistically, the only way I can see to make a dent is via mass demonstration, but not the sort of demonstration we’ve become accustomed to. I believe it’s best to hit them where it hurts – the hip pocket.

If a large percentage of the 99% failed to show up for work on a given agreed date, it would be felt. If it happened again within a fortnight, and again, and again, they would be forced to listen and yield. I’m sure most people have enough sick leave accrued.

I am bereft of any other ideas at this point. I believe if we just keep on keeping on, we will just play into their hands. Complacency will be our downfall.

Does anyone else have any suggestions?

Peace and love,


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End of My Era

My Journey has pretty much now become a personal thing. I’ve come to realise that the Universe is within me, within you. And as much as I glean understandings from other esoteric writings, as you likely do here, there comes a point when the focus must be returned solely to self.

We all have a spark of divinity, a connection to the prime source. In order for our species to escape the clutches of the dark forces that have hold of us, acknowledgement of our Divine nature and direct focus on getting to know our own Divine spark is necessary.

That is not going to come from reading or writing a blog.

Certainly, ideas and experiences when conveyed in literature have the potential to spark a thought, or a knowing, or a starting point. But the balance of full knowledge has to be obtained from within. And a lot of what I am learning on my inward journey is almost impossible to convey in words.

That said, from time to time, a snippet of a light bulb moment can be conveyed, and will be. Or an idea / some information / whatever; will also be conveyed.

But no longer on this blog.

It’s been 371 days since I started Destination Aware. Forty nine blogs later, I have a sense of nostalgia associated with leaving it. Tears well up. The process of writing my experiences has helped me in so many ways. The actual act of writing them reinforces the understanding which helps to assimilate it into everyday life. The website will remain however, and I will have the opportunity to read over my old material, as I feel guided, to remind myself of the journey that led me to being here – in the present.

I intend to maintain my Destination Aware Facebook page ( By maintain I mean I will share insights or articles that resonate with my understanding of ascension. I will check the Destination Aware email inbox from time to time, but if you want to get in touch with me, Facebook is going to be swifter.

For now, I will continue my fight with the bank over our mortgage; I will get out from under the debt cloud that hangs over me; I will move to a regional area; I will build a sustainable home; I will grow a permaculture garden; I will help raise three healthy and happy children; I will maintain the mutual love and respect my wife and I share; and I will continue my ascension.

And I will be happy, as I hope you are too. Divine Order to you and yours.

Peace and love,

Trev <3

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