My Journey

Welcome to my journey.

Humanity is currently in the midst of a global awakening, a jolt from the matrix illusion. A shift in consciousness making us aware that the world in which we live is ultimately false, driven by the power hungry minority. As a spiritual being having a physical experience, we have an amazing opportunity to experience this global shift in consciousness.

So what is the truth of this physical existence?

To find this answer we all must go on the journey, down the path of enlightenment. I am on this path and want to share it with others who are at various stages of the same journey.

United in awareness, we are unstoppable.

My first blog is Welcome! I suggest starting from there. After that, the title of the blog will give you a rough description of the content, if you’re looking for something specific.

Feel free to leave comments on any or all blogs. You can also send me a private message via the Contact Trev page and subscribe to email updates, to know when I have added to the blog.

Lastly, I encourage you to check out the links in OTHER USEFUL INFORMATION. I will post links to content that I consider useful on the journey to enlightenment, Destination Aware.

Peace and love,


28 thoughts on “My Journey”

  1. Hi Trev,
    Yes , right with you there with all of it . It’s a lot to grasp and a lot to work though and I have been hard at it for about four years. Having to go back and forth with good and the bad. And have been getting my answers finally that I have been seeking for all my life, and that I believe to be a key. We each need to seek the truth that is ours to seek our experiences is the part we need to get and know the truth, and the way I see it one just can’t go any farther until he really gets it. Maybe not, can one see all that is happening with out doing the work first? I see a lot people that just don’t get it and don’t care. So I will try the blogging thing please forgive grammar. Much to share , need to get use to this type of communicating. Hope to see many come to share, it is very important and we can’t do it alone. I can see so well the deliberate long planned out actions from the dark side to keep us at war with each other and just helping people see that, one should be able to free themselves to see what we need too, so we can stand together;so we can live in our truth and become one. And with all the strange changes and whoo whoo things we are being awakened to should and hopefully get people jolted into seeking it out. It could be the time is now. So Trev I was saying the same thing the other day ,that I would like to know what others are experiencing until later.

    1. Thank you for sharing Carol. I believe you are right on the money regarding the dark energy – a blog is forthcoming on that subject. Regarding the quantity of people awakening, we can only be shining lights that guide individuals who are ready. Namaste.

    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      I have added you to the email list. Thanks for reading. I will be sure to check out your blog.

      Peace and love,


  2. I am 70. Knew this was coming many years ago. Started reading the basics . Now is my turn to weave it into my life, peel back the meadler leaves and let the fruit ripen!

    1. Hi Alexandra. It’s never too late to start waking up and the more of us there are, the better this existence will be. Peace and love, Trev.

  3. There is a vibration of change in the air and feel it. It feels like ease, sliding into a bountiful basket of gratitude.
    Manifestations and desires are being granted within an blink of the eye.
    The wait is over.
    Earlier today I wished that I had a 2015 calender, just wished it then I didn’t think on it again until later on that day, when I went to the store and the cashier was giving away 2015 calenders.
    Wow just like that the law of attraction in action.
    About three days ago I came across this positive quote that read,
    Even though we are here on earth a part of us is still focused on a higher non-dimensional plain.
    Knowing this to be true I cried out, I am so glad you reminded me.
    Now please send me some help.
    About three days later a spirit guide appeared to me.
    I can only see glimpses of him reflected off the wall, but he has helped me to further awaken.
    So help was achieved.
    And all day spirit has been guiding me to very informative post, like yours.
    Thank you for your candid fine tuned, thought provoking information.
    I love how my mind is continuing to grow and expand.
    I am an spiritual intuitive, it’s not by accident that we met.
    We are one.

  4. It’s really I also thought that it’s only happening to me, I can see a huge change in me am more posetive, easely letting go no more worries. My entire way of thinking and seeing things has changed. So keep me posted.

  5. So good to read what you say. Your journey sounds familiar. What you say of the change was spoken and written about early 19th century by some one who knew of it and so much more. Happy journey.

  6. its a beautiful thing when I learn that there are beings like yourself, it’s a joy for me to hear of your genuine journey, for it is a journey that I also find myself on. I can identify with everything you’ve pointed out, for like yourself I am also experiencing similar emotions. Yes are terrible things functioning in today’s society but, there is also a new awakening taking place, as many of us are starting to see the reality of our existence. The true purpose of our existence. We are having a totally different perspective on life. We are getting to know whom we really are. We are beginning to understand that we are multidimensional beings with the ability to awaken our slumbering souls through spiritual development. May all beings be free from suffering and it’s roots. NAMASTE.

    1. Thanks Jose for your thoughtful words. It’s inspiring to know that we’re not alone as there are many facets of life that challenge our spiritual resolve. Peace and love, Trev.

  7. Hi .. I understand completely .. I’ve noticed I just cannot tolerate any form of Judging .. Bullying .. Ridicule ( of myself or others ) .. The levels of consciousness in some people is rising but unfortunately there are some who cannot keep up .. It’s their journey not mine so I’ve said farewell to both family members and some folk who I thought were friends .. I’m free )0(

    1. It is hard at times communicating with or just being understood by family and friends who aren’t on the same path. I’ve learnt to pick and chose subject matter and instead direct my deeper thoughts and intuitions to like minded individuals. Personally I haven’t said goodbye to anyone because of the differences, I just alter my engagements. That said, I certainly get more enjoyment discussing more enlightening subjects.

  8. I have been having a spiritual awakening ever since my divorce. Seeing and hearing things i earlier would have scoffed at being borderline crazy. I know my experiences are real and have opened up my mind. I am going through an extreme financial crisis, but somehow i know i’m okay and something better is waiting. It is a serene sense of peace that comes over me and being an artist i have always been sensitive however this is on a new plateau. I know things before they happen and experiences like flying dreams give me the knowledge Im in control of my reality. I love reading other people’s experiences it is enlightening and confirms this is a journery. What i know is not all people experience this awakening, because of their mindset.

    1. Hi Kris,

      Thanks for making contact and sincere apologies for the delay in responding! Sometimes the journey is hectic – as I’m sure you know. It’s interesting hearing from people regarding having an upheaval in their lives which leads to an awakening of sorts. I too have probably scoffed at others in the past but now I’m one of them. Ultimately though, it matters little as the journey is ours for the undertaking. That said, we are all connected by the same source – Divine Consciousness.

      Peace and love,


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